What does BWDIK stand for?

But what do I know

BWDIK is a sarcastic sentiment that people communicate when they think they know more than the recipient or the other individuals they are talking about. People may also send BWTHDIK when they are incredibly frustrated by a situation.

You will likely see BWDIK in texts or on social sites, like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok, following an opinion or statement. For example, your brother may message the family, "i don't think we should leave until after traffic bwdik." Or, a person may comment on a political story, "We shouldn't be increasing the national debt, BWDIK, I'm just a simple, responsible, tax-paying citizen."


I think you should ask her out, BWDIK
I'm not ready yet
I don't think you'll ever be ready
You might be right

I'm always right, but does anyone ever listen to me? Nooooo, sir ...

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Updated December 19, 2023

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