What does pwnd mean?


Pwnd (pronounced "poned") is the past tense of pwn, which online gamers often use to describe how one player dominated another. For example, your friend may message you, "Remember when you got pwnd by that noob in COD?!?!?"

People primarily use pwnd, or pwned, as an insult or burn to humiliate a defeated gamer. However, you may also see or hear pwnd outside of gaming. For example, if someone wins a verbal (or physical) fight with you, they might end the altercation with a triumphant "Pwnd!" to emphasize their victory.

Origin of pwnd

There are various claims about how the slang term "pwnd" originated. Some date it back to the 1930s as a product of a thick Russian chess player's accent as a variation of the "pawn" chess piece. However, most agree that pwnd was popularized by the rise in leetspeak (variation of pwn3d) as the Internet grew. It eventually spilled into real-life vocabulary in the mid-2000s and is still commonly used.


Woah, you got pwnd by his rocket launcher!
It's not fair! I have no chance with my PP7!
Noob pwnage meme
Noob pwnage meme

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Updated March 20, 2023

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