Pop Culture Slang

The Internet has popularlized the use of acronyms and abbreviations, which are now commonly used in pop culture. The list below includes slang terms related to movies, music, TV, games, and celebrities.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
Easter eggA hidden message
DnDDungeons & Dragons
SwagSkills or style
RickrollTo trick someone into watching a Rick Astley music video
MTFBWYMay the Force be with you
sfxSpecial effects
OSTOriginal soundtrack
StreamerSomeone who regularly broadcasts on Twitch.tv
TGIFThank goodness it's Friday
ASMRAutonomous Sensory Meridian Response
IDFWUI don't f*** with you
FWBFriends with benefits
You got servedYou were called out
BootyliciousAttractive with a nice rear end
WAPWet A** P***y
ZaddyA composed, fashionable, and attractive man
You know nothing, Jon SnowYou are naive
And I oopI'm so embarassed
InfluencerA social media user who affects others' behaviors
PotterheadA Harry Potter fan
CGComputer Graphics
KpopKorean Pop music
DopeIllegal drugs
HipsterA person who dislikes mainstream culture
Comfort idolA celebrity whose actions soothe you
BromanceDeep friendship between two or more males
WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment
DTPDisturbing the peace
StanAn obsessed fan of someone or something
StanningObsessing over a person
Dump statAn ability that an RPG player doesn't prioritize
SWStar Wars
WWJDWhat would Jesus do
MovemberMustache-growing November
JuggaloA fan of Insane Clown Posse
Y/NYour name
BlingOverly flashy jewelry
TravoltifiedTo mispronounce a name
Nae NaeHip-rocking, hand-raising dance move
Crows before hoesGuy friends are more important than romantic interests
WokeAware of social issues
OT3One true threesome
BTSBangtan Sonyeondan
TwerkHip-gyrating dance move
SpitTo freestyle rap
Rom comRomantic comedy
1DOne Direction
TWDThe Walking Dead
HPHarry Potter
KimyeKim Kardashian and Kanye West
DemThronesGame of Thrones
E chokeAn expression of shock or surprise
TNGThe Next Generation
MLPMy Little Pony
DuckrollTo mislead someone
DabHip hop dance move
LWYMMDLook what you made me do
SwiftieA devoted fan of Taylor Swift
OTPOne true pairing
HBOHome Box Office
HIMYMHow I Met Your Mother
WCWWorld Championship Wrestling
DashieRainbow Dash
SelteringSticking out your rear in a fitness pose
AGTAmerica's Got Talent
Galentine's DayFebruary 13th ladies-only celebration
KOTLCKeeper of the Lost Cities
WWWonder Woman
BOATBest of all time
FanboyA dedicated male fan
TebowingGetting in a position of praying
GNRGuns N' Roses
DougieDance move
TwerkingShaking hips and rear in a bouncing motion
ChivetteFemale who likes theCHIVE
KUWTKKeeping up with the Kardashians
Winter is comingSomething bad is going to happen
K-popKorean Pop music
FestivusA holiday celebration
VSCO girlsPreppy female teen Instagrammers
Fan serviceIndulging fans' desires
MarkA fan who believes pro wrestling is real
BangerAn awesome, energetic piece of media
LOTRLord of the Rings
OMEOh my Edward
HuckleberryThe one you're looking for
GOTGame of Thrones
MST3KMystery Science Theater 3000
ChiverMale who likes theCHIVE
Jump the sharkTo decrease in quality
SlasherHorror film
AHSAmerican Horror Story
DabbinLeaning your head into your elbow with your other arm outstretched
Welcome to your tapeI'm mad at you
BarsLyrical hip hop sentences
Put overMake someone look good
Parasocial relationshipA one-way relationship between a fan and a creator
TikTok houseA house full of TikTok influencers
YAYoung Adult
CinephileA devoted fan of cinema
NormieA person whose tastes are mainstream
DisneyboundingDressing similarly to Disney characters
ILUMI love you man
OMJOh my Jonas
TWSSThat's what she said
A7XAvenged Sevenfold
NKOTBSBNew Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys
NKOTBNew Kids on the Block
OITNBOrange is the New Black
BronyMale viewer of My Little Pony
BMWBoy Meets World
TDSWJSThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Off the hookTotally awesome
TravoltifyTo mispronounce a name
PTIPardon the interruption
BelieberA committed fan of Justin Bieber
MansomeManly handsome
RHONJThe Real Housewives of New Jersey
CosplayCostume play
SuperfanAn extremely dedicated fan
Tay tayTaylor Swift
NerfherderAn untamed and unkempt person
Pain in the choobiesAnnoyance
Treat yo selfTake care of yourself
Steve HarveyTo announce the wrong winner
Christmas creepThe slow expansion of the Christmas shopping season
MMPRMighty Morphin' Power Rangers
MCUMarvel Cinematic Universe
HeadcanonA fan's unverified beliefs about a story
WW84Wonder Woman 1984
Speak truth to powerStand up for what is right
Meet cuteA charming first meeting between two people
KayfabePretending something fake is real
Who dey breetWho is breathing?
WaifuA fictional female that a real person has a crush on
BagSuccess and wealth
FNAFFive Nights at Freddy's
LL&PLive long and prosper
NINNine Inch Nails
JLoJennifer Lopez
BrangelinaBrad and Angelina
JPJurassic Park
TAAHMTwo and a Half Men
OMAMOf Mice and Men
AFVAmerica's Funniest Videos
AFHVAmerica's Funniest Home Videos
SNLSaturday Night Live
BromentBro moment
SledneckA mountain person who drives a snowmobile
LLAPLive long and prosper
RHONYThe Real Housewives of New York City
RHOMThe Real Housewives of Miami
CosplayerA person who wears a costume and plays a character
T SwiftTaylor Swft
BTFDBack to the Future day
SWTFAStar Wars: The Force Awakens
Diddy cropTo cut a person out of your life
JuggaletteA female fan of Insane Clown Posse
CipherAn informal dance or rap gathering
Binge racerA person who watches an entire season of a show within 24 hours
Nuked the fridgeA movie series drastically decreased in quality
JLUJustice League Unlimited
Cut a promoStage a promotional interview
DS9Deep Space Nine
PharbzPhoebe Bridgers fans
MultistanAn obsessed fan of multiple things
MultifandomSubscribing to multiple communities of fans
RPFReal person fiction
SlashSame-sex romance fan fiction
HusbandoA fictional man that a real person has a crush on
LCSLocal comic store
Actual playTTRPGs played for an audience
MTFBWUMay the Force be with you
TOSThe Original Series
HKHello Kitty
HSMHigh school musical
KOTORKnights of the Old Republic
ErmahgerdOh my gosh
3EBThird Eye Blind
ChrismukkahChristmas and Hanukkah
LZLed Zeppelin
STPStone Temple Pilots
FreshBrand new
AYAOTDAre You Afraid of the Dark?
WWFWorld Wrestling Federation
FEFinger Eleven
BBBreaking Bad
MCRMy Chemical Romance
ScarJoScarlett Johansson
SilverstoningChewing up food before serving it
HOHHead of Household
Hate-watchTo watch something you love to hate
Sharpen a mustacheSmoke a joint
RHOBHThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
RHOCThe Real Housewives of Orange County
FangirlA dedicated female fan
VMAVideo Music Awards
Damp down your power coreSettle down
HodorHold the door
UnstanA person who is trying to be less obsessed with a celebrity
CypherAn informal rap or dance gathering
RetconRetroactively change
IdolA K-pop star
JobberA character who loses fights to make others look good
Collab houseA house full of social media influencers
Silver foxAn attractive older man
GlitchingDance move that includes subtle jerks synced to music
EATEOTEverywhere at the End of Time
ArianatorAn Ariana Grande fan
OCOriginal character
Nepo babyA child who benefits from a famous parent
IASIPIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
WeebA non-Japanese person obsessed with Japanese pop culture
RequelA movie featuring elements from a previous film
gtrdunGet 'er done
POTOPhantom of the Opera
MIBMen in Black
ANTMAmerica's Next Top Model
FOBFresh off the boat
PM5KPowerman 5000
5FDPFive Finger Death Punch
APCA Perfect Circle
ChibiMiniature Character
CCRCreedence Clearwater Revival
DMBDave Matthews Band
TFKThousand Foot Krutch
PJPearl Jam
SOADSystem of a Down
WailTo be awesome
ELOElectric Light Orchestra
F11Finger Eleven
McConaughssanceMatthew McConaughey's renaissance
FNLFriday Night Lights
Lip DubA lip synching music video
Turn down for whatI'm excited
BromanticAction showing friendship between two or more males
Mo sistaA woman who supports Movember
KartrashiansKardashian family
RHOOCThe Real Housewives of Orange County
HallyuKorean wave
TIOTurn it off
BTTFBack to the Future
Bantha fodderAs good as dead
TFAThe Force Awakens
Mom comRomantic comedy directed at moms
DrakingPlacing Drake's head on handicap wheelchair signs
SparrowfaceFacial expression with eyes wide open and mouth slightly open
SmizeTo smile with your eyes
ICPInsane Clown Posse
Binge racingWatching an entire season of a show within 24 hours
SWTLJStar Wars: The Last Jedi
UPFUltra passionate fan
Bro countryA subgenre of mainstream country music
skskskOvercome with emotion
DCAUDC Animated Universe
Deep cutAn obscure work or reference
BTASBatman: The Animated Series
ShootAn unscripted event
Worked shootA scripted event that contains unscripted elements
Bitcoin Pizza DayMay 22, 2010
GrokIntuitively understand
SmarkA fan who knows pro wrestling is scripted
TweenerA wrestler who is neither hero nor villain
Comfort characterA fictional character who soothes you
WBWWorld Between Worlds
QueerbaitingImplying but never actualizing a non-hetero relationship
WAGWives and girlfriends
DBZDragon Ball Z
ARMYAdorable Representative M.C. for Youth
ShowmanceA romance between actors starring in the same production
Anti-shipAnti-problematic shipping
NOTPNot one true pairing
FanficFan fiction
FanonUnverified story points fans believe are canon
AEWAll Elite Wrestling
MFMMy Favorite Murder
MBMBaMMy Brother, My Brother and Me
TAZThe Adventure Zone
Hiatus brainWhen superfans' minds go wild during a hiatus
Internet boyfriendAn online community's collective guy crush
WDWWalt Disney World
AUAlternate universe
EndgameA couple that is meant to be together
KotHKing of the hill
DCUDC Universe
Buddy copMovie and TV genre featuring two different character that must work together
Up to elevenUp to an excessive degree
MCRmyMy Chemical Romance fans
MOTUMasters of the Universe
SFScience Fiction
TAWOGThe Amazing World of Gumball
WTAWomen tell all
KFCKid's Fattening Clinic
GDGreen Day
DWTSDancing with the Stars
NWONew World Order
WWWFWorld Wide Wrestling Federation
WDTFSWhat does the fox say?
DARDaily afternoon randomness
HOCHouse of Cards
TSFHTwo Steps From Hell
GroolGreat and cool
UTFLUse the force, Luke
ManssiereMale brassiere
BVBBlack Veil Brides
GleekGlee geek
Mo broA movember participant
RHOAThe Real Housewives of Atlanta
DramedyDramatic and comedic movie
Schmuck baitA ludicrous tease for a show plot
WorkA scripted event
MHAMy Hero Academia
Needle dropWhen an existing song is used in a movie or show
The GGirlfriend
SCPSpecial Containment Procedures Foundation
FFDPFive Finger Death Punch
BenniferBen and Jennifer
PFPink Floyd
SYTYCDSo You Think You Can Dance
BrollingJames Bond trolling
RHODCThe Real Housewives of D.C.
5SOS5 Seconds of Summer
JonerysJon and Daenerys
KCCOKeep calm and CHIVE on
BroA male bra
Pro-shipPro-problematic shipping
CNRHKYITFChuck Norris roundhouse kick you in the face
TTTHCSThings that Tim Howard could save
FF5Family Force 5
DTDream Theater
ICHCI Can Has Cheezburger?
BSBBackstreet Boys
OMAMOf Monsters and Men
STTWSabrina the Teenage Witch
SOASons of Anarchy
AFIA Fire Inside
TravoltafyTo mispronounce a name
TravoltafiedTo mispronounce a name
FWBLFriends with Better Lives
The RachelVoluminous shoulder-length haircut