What does 2 online and in text messages?


While many people use 2 as a number, they also use it as shorthand for "to" and "too." For example, your friend may message you, "Are you going 2 Nick's house 2?"

Most people use 2 when messaging and online, especially on social media. For example, your brother might text you, "Gonna be a bit late 2 pick u up." Or, you might post on Twitter, "I'm so pumped 2 b off work next week!"

You may also see 2 as a replacement for to or too in abbreviations and acronyms. Some examples include, G2G, 2day, 2H2H, and 2l8.


R u coming 2 my place 2nite?
Fo sho. Be there after 10
2 tweet about footballing
2 tweet about footballing

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Updated April 26, 2023

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