What does 1up mean in gaming?

Extra life

Gamers use the term 1up to refer to an extra life. Most gamers recognize this term from Super Mario Bros., which flashes 1UP on-screen when a player acquires an extra life (via a green mushroom).

Other meanings of 1up

However, to some old school gamers, 1up has a different meaning. In the past, multiplayer pinball and arcade machines flashed 1Up and 2Up to let players know that the first or second player, respectively, was next to play. So in some cases, 1Up instead means "the first player is next to play."


I know there's a secret 1up in this level, but I can't find it
It's in the back half of the course, hidden in a pyramid of crates. You have to smash them to get it

Sometimes, a 1up makes all the difference

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Updated October 3, 2023

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