What is 3peater short for in Plants vs. Zombies games?


In Plants vs. Zombies games, 3peater is short for "threepeater," which is a plant that shoots peas in the lanes around it (their lane and the one above and below it). Plants vs. Zombies (often abbreviated as PvZ) is a series of tower defense games where plant-wielding players defend against a horde of invading zombies. The games are available for most gaming platforms, including mobile devices.

The 3peater has appeared in several PvZ games, including the original and PvZ2. Most PvZ gamers are acquainted with and use the abbreviation for the plant and view it as a decent option that might be a little weak but covers a decent amount of area.

Origin of threepeater

While PvZ gamers created the "3peater" abbreviation, it is unclear who coined it. The name simply comes from the combination of "three," "pea," and "repeater" since it shoots three peas at once repeatedly.


The 3peater is alright, but you need to level it up for it to be really effective
I just like the design
3peater in Plants vs. Zombies
3peater in Plants vs. Zombies

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Updated May 12, 2023

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