What does AAR mean in messages?

At any rate

When changing the subject, people may send "AAR" (similar to saying "in any case") when texting or messaging online. People may use it in various situations, including after an awkward statement or a long pause.

For example, your brother may make an awkward comment about your step-mom in a family group text thread, and you respond with, "AAR, I'll see you all on Friday." Or, you may message a classmate after they don't respond to you for a couple of hours, "aar, ill talk to the teacher to see if we can get an extension. lmk when you are free."


I can't decide to go to the party or not. AAR, I'll figure it out
You will likely only see AAR in texts or online messages
You will likely only see AAR in texts or online messages

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Updated November 20, 2023

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