What does IAC mean in messages?

In any case

When messaging, "IAC" stands for "in any case," which is another way to say "whatever the situation may be..." People often use IAC when texting or messaging online, but they may also use it in other places, like forums and social media.

It is especially useful for emphasizing that you believe or will do something regardless of any person, information, event, etc., that might get in the way (you might say it's one of the more stubborn acronyms). For example, you might share that you are feeling sick in a text to your friend, then follow it up with, "iac im still going to the concert. nothing is stopping me from that.


iac, i think the class is a waste of time. ive already learned all that stuff before anyway
u gonna skip?
You will likely see IAC in texts and messages online
You will likely see IAC in texts and messages online

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Updated November 20, 2023

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