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1. What is addy short for?


In text and chat slang, addy is typically short for "address." If someone asks you to send them your addy, they want you to tell them your address, most likely so they can plug it into Google or Apple Maps and find their way to you.

People may also ask you for the addy of a party or other event (so they can meet you there), and some may even ask you for your email addy (or ema). Just be sure, before you give out your addy, that you actually want the person you're talking with to have it. These days, giving out your addy carelessly can lead to some pretty terrible situations.


I can drive to your place and pick you up, I just need your addy

Addy is short for "address"

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Updated December 9, 2020
2. What is addy short for?


Addy is short for "Adderall," which is a medication for treating ADHD. While it is primarily used responsibly to help kids, it is also abused by teenagers and young adults to enhance their focus.

ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children aged 4 to 17. It is similar to ADD, which is a type of ADHD. Kids and teens affected by ADHD are easily distracted, are forgetful, do not follow instructions, have trouble with organization, avoid tasks that require long periods of mental effort, and consistently lose important things.

Young adults and teens are the most common users of the "addy" term, whether it be regarding healthy or abusive use. Common recreational uses include gearing up for a test at school or combining it with another drug or alcohol to achieve a new "high."

If you are a parent and your child is talking about taking addy without a prescription, you should be concerned that your kid may be abusing the medication.


You got some addy for the final on Friday? I need all the help I can get

Addy is like steroids for the brain

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Updated October 16, 2020

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