1. What does ADD stand for?

Attention deficit disorder

A disorder that refers to the inability to focus and concentrate.

ADD affects both children and adults. Some of the clear signs of ADD are zoning out of a conversation without realizing it, extreme distractibility, struggling to complete tasks, poor listening skills, and the tendency to overlook details.


I think more and more people are going to develop ADD with all these electronic devices
Yeah, I think everyone has a second screen these days

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Updated November 5, 2014
2. What is add short for?


If a person asks you for your "add," they are looking to get your address, typically the address where you live, but possibly your email address. People often use the abbreviation when texting or messaging online.

For example, a new friend may text you, "What's your add?" when they come over to watch the big game and need to plug it into their GPS app. Or, a love interest may DM you to get the restaurant add to meet at and eat dinner.

Keep in mind that you should not give out your add freely. Ensure the recipient is not cray and that you actually want them to come over.


What's the add of the place we r meeting @ 2nite?
Not sure, you gotta google it

Ron Swanson does not give out his add freely

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Updated November 28, 2022

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