What does adulting mean?

Acting like an adult

Adulting means acting like an adult and doing grown up things, such as maintaining a job or paying a mortgage. It also means doing less dumb things and more intelligent things, which can be pretty lame.

Just because you're an adult, does not mean you're good at adulting. The term is more of a reflection of maturity than age or physical appearance. Adulting can be a very painful transition for many, especially for people that were not well prepared by their rents.

Here are 10 examples of adulting:

  1. Getting and keeping a job - The cost of living usually requires some money, which means having to not only get a job but keep it.
  2. Understanding money things - Making money requires having to do taxes every year and understanding things like 401K and IRA so you can have some money when you are old and can't do anything fun with it.
  3. Fixing things - Everything you use will break and you have to figure out how to repair it or pay for someone to do it for you. Or just replace it.
  4. Waking up on your own - You have to will your way out of bed everyday, most likely to do something not fun, like work.
  5. Buying presents - You can't just add your name to a card anymore. You have to buy presents for all sorts of occasions, such as baby showers, weddings, and birthdays.
  6. Killing horrific-looking bugs - Those man-eating spiders and centipedes won't smash themselves. You have to or else you won't sleep ever again. Or you could just move.
  7. Making appointments - You have to set aside time to do stuff you don't want to do, like getting the oil changed in your car, going to the doctor for check-ups, and getting your teeth cleaned by a sadist, aka a dentist.
  8. Feeding yourself - You can't just wait for the dinner call from your parents, you're the one who has to make it yourself. Everyday.
  9. Taking care of your body - Your metabolism slows down as you get older and you have to eat healthier. Or you could just become one of those people from Wall-E.
  10. Doing chores for free - No more allowance for completing your chores. And you have to do ALL of them!


I spent my Saturday night doing my taxes
Ugh, adulting is the worst

Adulting comes with many responsibilities

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Updated June 21, 2018

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