What does AKA stand for?

Also known as

AKA is a quick way to say "also known as," which is helpful when the subject you are speaking about goes by one or more other names. For example, if you are referring to a person that also goes by a nickname, you may say, "Tony Stark, aka 'Iron Man.'"

People often write or type "aka" in an email, on a notepad, in a blog, in a social media post, etc. For example, your co-worker may email you, "What are you doing at 12, aka lunchtime?"

However, you might also hear it in person when a person is speaking. For example, your friend may be talking at a party and say, "I was talking to Christy, aka my work wife, and she told me you just moved to the north side. Is that true?"

Origin of AKA

The origins of "AKA" are unclear. However, the acronym started to become popular in the second half of the 20th century, around the 1960s. People originally wrote it as "a.k.a." but now people primarily remove the periods.


Here's our goalie, Tom, aka "The Wall
Nice to meet you!
People may use AKA in various contexts, including online and in person
People may use AKA in various contexts, including online and in person

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Updated July 3, 2023

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