What does SALAB stand for online and in messages?

Stop acting like a baby

SALAB is a way to tell someone they need to stop whining or crying (like a baby does) and deal with a situation more maturely. People often use it in messages and online when confronting another person's unproductive behavior.

For example, if your friend complains for the thousandth time in texts about how her friend treats her, you might reply with, "SALAB and stand up to her. You need to tell her how she's making you feel." Or, you might respond to a tweet from a politician complaining about the opposing political party, saying, "All I hear is complaints. SALAB and work together to get things done."

People may respond harshly to receiving SALAB since it belittles them as an incoherent, incapable little children. Therefore, be prudent with whom you use it.


Every time he says that, he makes me want to punch him in the face
Well, maybe you should SALAB and just tell him how you feel
Quit your crying and SALAB (unless you are a baby)!
Quit your crying and SALAB (unless you are a baby)!

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Updated May 15, 2023

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