What does AEAP stand for?

As early as possible

AEAP stands for "as early as possible," which is similar to "ASAP" but much less commonly used. It is used to emphasize the urgency of a situation.

AEAP is most often used in email messages, text messages, and online when discussing a pressing matter. Common uses include when talking about an upcoming deadline for a business report or a due date for a group presentation. The acronym may also be used by hangry people that need food now but don't want to be too pushy.

While AEAP is typically typed, it may also be said out loud as "A.E.A.P." However, this is rare since saying "A-sap" (for ASAP) is much easier.


I need to get that order through AEAP. Can you stop what you're doing and get started on it right away?

Judge Judy needs it AEAP

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Updated October 6, 2020

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