What does AMAP stand for?

As much as possible

AMAP is another way to say that something is being done to the maximum level, like when a competitor gives all of his effort during a game or when your mom stuffs the most pieces of candy possible in her purse before going into a movie theater. People typically use the acronym online and in text messages.

AMAP is a variation of the more common "ASAP" acronym that people often use when something needs to be done quickly. Instances when you would use AMAP include declaring that you are doing AMAP to complete a project on time or trying to pack AMAP for your week-long camping trip.

Since AMAP is often related to maximum effort, the acronym resonates well with overachievers. On the flip side, you might say that slackers are not big fans of the acronym. They prefer to do as little as possible and chillax.


Can you help set up the chairs this afternoon?
Not sure. ATM, I'm doing AMAP

When you are doing AMAP, sleep becomes overrated

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Updated June 30, 2021

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