What does AJ stand for in messages?

Absolute jerk

AJ is an insult that describes someone who is consistently mean or unfriendly to others. For example, if a guy cuts you off on the freeway, you may later text your friend, "My morning was ruined by an AJ on the way to work."

You will likely see AJ in messages online and in texts when someone complains about a person's behavior. It is similar to other derogatory terms, such as Dbag, dip, and tool, but is much more obscure. Since most people are unfamiliar with the acronym, they will likely think you are referring to a person named "AJ" instead of an absolute jerk (although they sometimes mean the same thing).


He is an aj - always making fun of other ppl
Srsly? I didn't know that
Yeah. I'd steer clear of him
Will do

Calling out an AJ

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Updated March 27, 2023

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