Work Wife

What is a work wife?

Favorite female work companion

A work wife is a female companion you spend the most time with at work. It is the same as the work girlfriend term but sometimes used instead to label a more committed friendship.

People may have a work wife even if they are actually married. The term is not meant to make a SO jealous, only to convey how close and supportive the friendship is between the two people. For example, they may root for each other to get promotions, have lunch together, or cover for each other at work.

While work marriages are typically platonic, but they sometimes lead to romantic feelings. If the relationship crosses any boundaries and extends outside the work environment, romantic feelings may arise.


I'm so glad you have a work wife to talk you up to the boss
Yeah, Tracy is a great friend
Abbot Elementary work wife goals
Abbot Elementary work wife goals

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Updated January 12, 2023

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