At Home

What does "we have X at home" mean?

A worse version of something

When someone says "we have X at home" or refers to something as "X at home," they're pointing out that an item is a worse version of a similar item. This diss is derived from the "we have food at home" meme.

Where did "we have X at home" originate?

Over the years, many social media users have posted about how their parents would avoid stopping at a restaurant by pointing out "we have food at home." In these instances, the "food at home" was always inferior to the restaurant food.

However, the phrase "we have food at home" really took off after it was used as part of an Instagram meme. In 2019, Instagram user @wilfordbrimly posted a meme in which the referenced "food at home" was an overripe banana lying in marinara sauce and sprinkled with Cheerios. After that, social media users began re-using the "we have food at home" meme format and using the phrase "we have X at home" to refer to any item, not just food, that is similar to yet clearly worse than another item.

How is "we have X at home" used?

Whenever you encounter a new item that is worse than an existing item, you can call the new item "X at home" or say "we have X at home." Most enlightened social media and forum users will understand that you mean the new item is inferior to the old one.


Did you see the new Magic card spoiled today?
Yeah, just looks like mulldrifter at home to me
@wilfordbrimly's "we have food at home" meme
@wilfordbrimly's "we have food at home" meme

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Updated June 11, 2021

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