What does AUT mean in messages?

Are you there

If you are unsure whether someone is present on the other end of a digital conversation, you can send them "AUT." Most people send AUT in online messages or texts to check in with someone who has yet to respond in a while.

For example, if you send someone a text and they don't respond for several hours, you might send a follow-up "AUT" message. Or if it's a time-sensitive message, you might send "AUT" after just a few minutes.

Since AUT is not well known, you may confuse recipients when you send it. Therefore, you should only use it with slang-savvy people or use a more common acronym, like AYT (or just spell it out).


Hey, AUT? I need to ask you a question about the homework assignment
Yeah, what's up?

AUT may be helpful when another user is unresponsive

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Updated May 8, 2023

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