What is autobesity?

Large automobiles

While many understand how obesity correlates with large humans, not many know that "autobesity" correlates with the large size of automobiles. It is especially prevalent in the United States, where drivers prefer to drive large vehicles, such as SUVs and 4-door pickup trucks with a large cab and bed.

It is unclear who coined the term, but autobesity comes from the combination of "automobile" and "obesity." People use the term to criticize the increasing size of cars, trucks, and vans. For example, people who use it are likely weary of the space these gigantic vehicles occupy on roads and in parking lots and the pollution they generate.


I get that people wanna feel safe in a yuge vehicle, but man the autobesity is out of control
Srsly. I drive a Prius and am dwarfed by the tanks out there
Reddit post about autobesity
Reddit post about autobesity

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Updated October 4, 2023

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