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1. What does YT stand for?


An abbreviation for YouTube, a popular video-sharing site; created in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim; bought by Google in 2006; features different sorts of videos such as vlogs, music videos, songs, amateur videos, and even full length movies.


Whenever I need a good laugh, i watch people failing on yt, is that sad?

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Updated February 12, 2014
2. What does yt mean on TikTok?


On TikTok, users often use the abbreviation yt to refer to white people. TikTokers may use yt in place of "whitey" or just "white." The abbreviation can be used pejoratively, for brevity, or both.

While yt's origin is unknown, the reasons it became popular are not. When sounded out, y-t sounds almost exactly like "whitey." The abbreviation also allows users to save space in their character-limited TikTok posts and skirt some of TikTok's race-related regulations.

Originally, yt meant only "whitey," but it has since morphed to also stand for "white." For example, you might see a TikToker refer to "yt people" in a post. (And if you do, the TikToker is likely not referring to YouTube people.)


What's yt on about today?

A prime example of yt

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Updated June 3, 2021
3. What does YT stand for in online gaming?

Your turn

In online gaming and chat sessions, YT sometimes stands for "your turn." This acronym signals that it's your turn to play or talk.

However, because YT has several other meanings, gamers and chatters use this acronym infrequently. For the same reason, you may also see YT written as y/t, to set it apart from other versions of YT.


It's YT. Better make your move before the timer runs out
Shoot, I had to step away for a second!

A man who is about to send YT

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Updated September 12, 2023
4. What does YT stand for?

You there?

Have you been AFK for a while? If so, YT? likely stands for "You there?"

You might receive YT? out of the blue, when someone wants to start a conversation with you. You may also receive it in the middle of a conversation, if you've stepped away or paused long enough that the person you're talking to thinks you're ignoring them.

Either way, when someone sends you YT?, they probably have something to say to you. So if you respond, be prepared to have a lengthy chat.


Hey, YT? I need 2 tell u something important!
YT? means "You there?"
YT? means "You there?"

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Updated October 28, 2021

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