What does kewl mean?


Kewl kids use kewl to mean "cool." This alternate spelling always means "awesome" or "popular;" it is never used to mean "mildly cold." So, saying something is kewl can actually be more precise than saying it's cool (provided the person you're talking to knows what kewl means).

Kewl is part of a set of x-treme 1990s slang terms, which changed words' spelling to make them seem ... kewler. However, kewl was so widely used that even the not-very-kewl Oxford English Dictionary recognized it as a legitimate word. Thus, the kewl kids who formerly used kewl have largely moved on to other slang terms (some of which you can see in the Related Slang section below), and kewl is now most often used sarcastically.


That new Xbox game is so kewl
Yeah man, it's rad!
Kewl means "cool"
Kewl means "cool"

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Updated October 28, 2021

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