What does b/c mean online and in messages?


B/c is a common abbreviation in messages that means "because." People typically use it when texting or messaging online (and sometimes in informal emails) to preface an explanation of an action or opinion.

For example, you might text your sister, "I wanna go to the zoo b/c they have an adorbs penguin exhibit!" Or, you might message your bestie online, "I wasn't into him b/c he was just too short." People may also use b/c in real life, like when writing notes (e.g., "Please take the trash out today b/c the garbage service comes tomorrow early in the morning." Additionally, b/c is not as popular as the bc abbreviation, which uses one less character.


I'm tired b/c I didn't get much sleep the last couple of nights
Sorry to hear that. You can go to take a nap and I'll cook dinner
Tweet with the b/c abbreviation
Tweet with the b/c abbreviation

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Updated July 5, 2023

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