What does it mean when someone is bappin?


If you catch someone in the middle of a lie, you can call them out for "bappin." It is unclear who coined bappin, but the rap community popularized it in the early-2020s, and people use it similar to capping.

You might see or hear bappin used for all levels of lying, from egregious lies that destroy relationships to silly "white lies" intended to mean no harm (on the level of kidding, like JK). For example, you might tease your bae, "Stop that bappin and come over here and gimme a hug." Or, you might break up with your bae after catching him cheating, "I caught you bappin about where you were last night. We are over!"

Alternative meaning

People in the Bay area of California (San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland) may also use bappin to mean "going crazy." For example, if your dad is acting irregularly, you might tell your sister, "Dad's bappin."


I don't care what you say after I catch you bappin
Bet. Honesty is the most important thing to me

You know Pinnocchio's bappin when his nose is growing

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Updated May 25, 2023

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