On God

What does on God mean?

I swear to God

When people say "on God," they are emphasizing the truth of a statement. For example, a person may tweet, "I just saw a guy run across a 4-lane freeway blindfolded. On God!"

You may hear people utter the phrase in real life (IRL), but you will most likely see it in texts or on social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. People, often TikTokers, also abbreviate On God as ong.

Alternative uses of On God

People may also use On God to agree with people, like when they say "Bet" to a proposition. For example, your friend might say, "Give me a hot sticky day over a frigid day anytime," and you reply with "On God" to agree with them.

Additionally, people may use On God to emphasize that they are totally reliant on God. For example, when going through a difficult time, you might tell your friends, "It's OK, it's on God."


My dad told me he'll pay for my trip to Europe. On God
Totes jelly!
On God tweet
On God tweet

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Updated January 5, 2023

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