What does BBFBBM stand for?

Body by Fisher, Brains by Mattel

BBFBBM is a combination of the BBF and BBM acronyms and is a quick way to describe someone attractive but not intelligent. The person looks so good that they appear to be sculpted like a plastic doll from the Fisher-Price toy brand, but has the brains of a doll, as well.

Where does BBFBBM come from?

Fisher-Price and Mattel are major toy brands that have produced various toys for children, including Barbie, Hot Wheels, American Girl, and Little People. The "body by Fisher, brains by Mattel" was coined in the 1990s, and the "BBFBBM" acronym became shorthand for the phrase as Internet lingo, and texting grew in the late-1990s and 2000s. It is a derogatory acronym since it dehumanizes the subject into a doll-like being with no value beyond his or her looks.

Who uses BBFBBM?

Millennial adults and older (typically men) are the acronym's primary users. They may text it or post it online to refer to a person with an amazing body but a low IQ. Since it is rather long and uncommon, people generally use it only with friends.


Steve has an amazing physique, but is so shallow
Yeah, definitely a BBFBBM type of guy

Laughing off the BBFBBM insult

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Updated March 16, 2021

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