What is a butterface?

An attractive person with an unattractive face

A butterface is a female who has an attractive body and personality, but her face ("but her face" becomes "butterface") is unattractive. People often use butterface to describe women, but they may also use it to describe guys because "but his face" doesn't flow very well.

Shallow bros make up the majority of people that invoke butterface. These guys may have noticed a woman from behind or from a distance, obscuring her face, making them believe she is more attractive than they eventually realize.

If you do use the term, be aware that many people consider butterface misogynistic, so you might receive some blowback. Also, since ranking people's attractiveness is incredibly subjective, other dudes will probably argue with you about the butterface classification.


I spotted a babe, 50 yards down the beach, playing in the waves
Nope, she's definitely a butterface
Butterface tweet
Butterface tweet

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Updated June 3, 2022

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