What does bimbo mean?

A dumb and attractive female

A bimbo is a female who is not very bright but attractive. It is commonly used to refer to a blonde woman who has a lot of beauty but no brains.

The term has been around since the early 1900s in the U.S. and was used to describe dumb and primal-behaving men. However, the term evolved over time to describe women who put more time into their appearance instead of their intelligence. Bimbos usually wear a lot of makeup and skimpy clothing and aren't smart. The bimbo term is very similar to the airhead term.


Did you like Jeanine?
She was alright but she was kind of a bimbo
Isn't that your type?
Bimbo means
Bimbo means A dumb and attractive female

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Updated March 7, 2017

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