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1. What does da mean?


In text slang and Midwestern speech, da means "the." You might hear Minnesotans call Kevin Garnett "Da Kid," hear Chicagoans talk up "Da Bears," and hear Sconnies one-up the Chicagoans by explaining how "Da Packers" are better.

Texters use da because they are either a) genuinely from the Midwest, and that's how they talk, b) trying to affect a Midwestern accent, or c) lazy. Seriously, you can't type out "the?"


R u going 2 da game 2nite?

... still suck (sorry, Bears fans)

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Updated October 13, 2020
2. What is DA short for when discussing art?


DeviantArt is an online art platform that allows users to upload, share, and comment on artwork, videos, and photography. Seasoned DeviantArt users often refer to the platform as DA, while discussing it on social media or in forums.

Like most popular online platforms, DeviantArt has its own set of platform-specific slang, which you'll want to become familiar with if you plan to spend time browsing the website or interacting with its users. For example, DA users typically refer to themselves as deviants, and they refer to their artwork as deviations.


I have a few favorite artists I keep up with on DA
An artist inquiring about DA in the r/DeviantArt subreddit
An artist inquiring about DA in the r/DeviantArt subreddit

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Updated June 16, 2022
3. What is a DA?

Dumb a**


A DA is someone who intentionally or accidentally does something mean or stupid. Most people use it as a derogatory term to put someone down, but some use it in jest to poke fun at someone for having a brain fart.

You will most likely see DA when messaging via texts or online, but you may also see it in chatrooms and social media. Since people may use DA seriously or sarcastically, you will have to know the context in which it's used to understand how it's meant to be received. For example, if your bestie calls you a DA in a text after you revealed that you put salt on your cereal instead of sugar, you know they are joking.


Don't be a DA like that guy. He always ends up getting into trouble

When Robin acts like a DA

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Updated March 11, 2022
4. What does DA mean in regard to SEO?

Domain authority

Those discussing search engine optimization (SEO) may refer to domain authority as DA. This metric, which was created by SEO company Moz, measures a website's quality, reputation, and relevance in relation to other sites. Websites with a high DA are likely to rank better in Google (and other search engine) searches.

SEO gurus often seek to boost websites' DA via various arcane methods, so those sites will outperform their competitors in search results (or SERPs). Snagging a top ranking can greatly increase a website's traffic, so tracking and taking action to increase DA is a big deal for those whose livelihoods depend on showing ads or selling products on their website.


Our DA has been growing as more websites link to our site. I think that's why we're showing up more highly in Google SERPs

How many feel when attempting to understand DA

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Updated April 28, 2023

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