What does BOLO stand for?

Be on the lookout

On social media and in online forums, BOLO stands for "be on the lookout." It is typically used at the start of posts that ask others to look out for lost pets, stolen items, and other missing things.

For example, in the Nextdoor app, your neighbor may make a post that reads "BOLO for lost German Shepherd." The post will likely go on to describe the lost dog in detail, as well as how to return the dog if you find it.

BOLO posts may also tell you to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals. For example, if thieves have been plaguing your neighborhood, and your neighbor managed to capture a picture of them, your neighbor may post the picture as part of a BOLO post.


BOLO for a stolen silver bicycle, pink seat with many flower stickers
A BOLO post from Reddit
A BOLO post from Reddit

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Updated August 25, 2021

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