Caught In 4K

What does caught in 4K mean on social media?

Caught in the act

TikTok, Twitter, and other social media users use caught in 4K to mean "caught red-handed" or "caught in the act." This phrase is used when a celebrity or other user is caught doing something they shouldn't have.

The phrase caught in 4K originated in a YouTube comedy sketch called How Lawyers Always Get Rappers Off. In the video, a fake lawyer wonders how his fake client managed to be recorded committing crimes in 4K. Nearly a year later, the phrase migrated to Twitter, where it was used in a post that went viral.

Now, users across multiple social media platforms say someone was caught in 4K whenever there is clear, documented evidence that the person did something stupid and/or wrong. Some users may add the 4K logo to their "caught in 4K" posts, even though their evidence is usually not actually presented in 4K. (This is part of the joke.)


They caught him stealing cookies in 4K!
Another simple definition of caught in 4K
Another simple definition of caught in 4K

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Updated February 24, 2021

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