What is hellmaxxing?

Committing a series of sinful acts

If hellmaxxing were real, it would be the act of "committing so many sins even the devil won't have you." However, this TikTok trend never actually existed. Twitter user venus wormwood made up the word hellmaxxing, while parodying the increasing strangeness and depravity of TikTok challenges.

In September 2021, some TikTok users began engaging in the devious lick challenge, which involved stealing supplies and other items from schools. The challenge became so popular that local police departments began warning schools of the trend, and TikTok began removing devious lick-related content from its platform.

While the devious lick challenge has tapered off, TikTok remains a hotbed of strange trends and behavior. For example, also in September 2021, TikTokers began beaning homes and businesses - which involved pouring a can of baked beans on the buildings' doorsteps.

To call attention to how wild TikTok has gotten, venus wormwood posted a snippet of a fake article about hellmaxxing. However, because many websites do not verify information before writing about the latest TikTok trends, a variety of sites wrote about hellmaxxing as though it was actually happening.

Within the next couple days, more rigorous articles (and social media users) began debunking hellmaxxing's existence. But by that point, the word had already entered social media users' collective lexicon.


Me and the boys are hellmaxxing tonight
The original hellmaxxing tweet
The original hellmaxxing tweet

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Updated October 21, 2021

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