Beige Flag

What is a beige flag in dating?

An odd but unproblematic trait

When talking about a potential SO, a green flag is a positive trait, a red flag is a negative trait, and a beige flag is a neutral-but-weird trait. It's something a potential partner does that is odd and/or off-putting, but ultimately unproblematic.

For example, if your new BF taps his nose every time he enters a restaurant, that's a beige flag. Or, if your potential GF closes her eyes whenever characters make out on TV, that's a beige flag.

Usually, beige flags aren't deal breakers in the same way red flags are. However, YMMV on whether you can put up with a potential partner's beige flags.


So Greg is great, but he always makes sure to chew his food exactly 33 times
Well that's a beige flag if ever I've heard one

A possible beige flag

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Updated June 23, 2023

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