What does wonky mean?


When something seems strange or out of character, it is "wonky." For example, when you push down your car's accelerator and the car makes a clunking sound, you might tell your mechanic that it's acting wonky (and they will then roll their eyes).

It is unclear where wonky comes from, but some scholars say it dates back to the "wankul" word in Proto-West Germanic, which means "shaky or unstable." Over the years, the word has evolved into the non-technical "wonky" term, which people use when describing something off-kilter or behaving strangely.

Examples of things that may be wonky include a picture frame on a wall, any machinery, flooring, and bizarre food. Additionally, people acting odd may be wonky, like your uncle Bruno or that pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.


The school cafeteria lunch looked a little wonky today, so I didn't eat it
I did and I'm regretting it
When you wake up with wonky ears
When you wake up with wonky ears

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Updated July 11, 2022

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