Beta Orbiter

What is a beta orbiter?

Someone who hovers around a person to make a romantic advance

A beta orbiter is a person who "orbits" around another they are interested in. This type of pursuit is contrasted with the Alpha strategy of "hitting on" the man or woman, in which romantic intentions are clear from the beginning.

Both men and women can be beta orbiters. However, they are often males who become friends with their female interests. The beta orbiter plays the long game, hoping to build trust with the woman and wait for her to develop some sort of romantic feelings for him. A pursuit may even occur on social media, with the orbiter liking or commenting on many pictures and posts.

Unfortunately, beta orbiters are rarely successful. They often get stuck in orbit, which is known as the Friendzone or even worse, the Brotherzone.


Jeff has such low confidence. He always becomes a beta orbiter around women he likes
Beta orbiters may sometimes feel like astronauts
Beta orbiters may sometimes feel like astronauts

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Updated November 14, 2022

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