What does beyhive mean?

Dedicated fans of Beyoncé

Beyhive is a term for passionate and dedicated fans of musical artist Beyoncé. The term comes from the star's nickname, Queen Bey, and "beehive", which represents the fervor of her fans and willingness to go after her critics.

The term grew in popularity after Beyoncé broke off from her group "Destiny's Child" and embarked on a mega-successful solo career. The beyhive is willing to go after anyone who questions Beyoncé, whether it be music critics, other pop stars, or ever her husband Jay-Z. The term is most often used by pop culture news networks, like E!, and on social media. The term may also appear as "Bey-Hive."


I posted on her music video and was instantly swarmed by her beyhive

Beyhive as seen on E! Online

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Updated August 25, 2017

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