What does BFFE mean?

Best friends forever

BFFE is a label for an everlasting friendship that bests all others. It is another way to say that the friends in question are platonic soulmates.

Hyperbolic tweens and teens (usually female) most often use BFFE. You may see it online (especially on social media) and in texts. For example, your 12-year-old niece may text you, "OMG, I can't wait for you to meet Julia, my BFFE! She's the best!!!!!!"

There are many terms for best friends other than BFFE. Other examples include BFF, bestie, day one, and BFFL.


You can't separate us b/c we are BFFE
So true, gurl!

BFFE status requires a handshake

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Updated November 14, 2022

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