What does BFG stand for in gaming?

Big Freakin' Gun


Gamers use BFG to refer to the Big Freakin' Gun - a classic weapon most notably included in the Doom and Quake series. In Doom, the BFG is referred to as the BFG 9000. In Quake, it is referred to as the BFG 10K.

While different versions of the BFG work differently, most shoot large green plasma orbs that can kill a roomful of enemies in one shot. Some versions of the BFG explode if a player overcharges them, killing the player (and creating quite a mess).

Because it is such an iconic weapon, the BFG has appeared in or received homages in many other video games. It also inspired the codename for SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), which unofficially went by a more crass name ...


I loved using god mode and the BFG in Doom. So much fun!
An IRL BFG 9000
An IRL BFG 9000

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Updated October 19, 2022

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