1. What does ADIP stand for?

Another day in paradise

ADIP is a sarcastic way to reflect on your circumstances as desirable when they are actually undesirable. It stands for "another day in paradise," which is meant to jokingly describe circumstances like working in a cubicle or at a customer service desk as paradise.

Who uses ADIP?

The people that use ADIP are typically texting or posting online about how they hate their job or are just really unsatisfied with it at that moment. They may be fed up with an overbearing boss, gossip among co-workers, or really dislike what they do.

People may use ADIP in other circumstances besides work, as well. They may be stuck sitting in line at the DMV, arguing with an unhappy partner, or live in Minnesota when winter goes on for what seems like an eternity (winternity).

Be judicious when you use ADIP in texts or online. Some people struggle to understand sarcasm, especially digitally, and may totally misunderstand your use of ADIP as seriousness.


Another day at the office, ADIP

Just ADIP at the office

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Updated April 27, 2021
2. What does ADIP stand for?

Annoying, Difficult, Irascible, and Pestilent

ADIP stands for "Annoying, Difficult, Irascible, and Pestilent" and primarily describes cantankerous people. Examples of ADIP people include an obnoxious neighbor or an overbearing mother-in-law.

You might see the acronym online in a message or on social media when complaining about someone or something that is causing an excessive amount of displeasure. You may also see it used in text messages when someone is venting.

An example of when you might use ADIP is when complaining via text message about a really annoying neighbor who does things like blowing his leaves into your yard. Or, you might see a friend on social complain about a political leader and their policies as ADIP.


I got this ADIP neighbor that I can't stand. I might have to move

Reaction to an ADIP person

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Updated December 1, 2021

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