Big Mood

What does big mood mean?

This is definitely how I'm feeling

Big mood is a term used to express total agreement with something that was said or done. It may also be a way to communicate that you are feeling a certain emotion, but multiplied by a million, whether it be extreme happiness, extreme despair, or something in between.

Big mood is a variation of the more common "Mood" slang term. The term is most often used by tweens on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat in reaction to someone else's picture, video, or tweet that is especially relatable.

Big mood may be used to agree with all sorts of emotions, such as feeling bummed out, amped, cray, tired, jealous, salty, etc. It may also simply appear accompanying a meme image online.


I'm so ready for some Taco Bell
Big mood
The realization that this is definitely how you are feeling
The realization that this is definitely how you are feeling

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Updated October 25, 2019

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