Big Mad

What does big mad mean?

Very angry

Big mad is another way to say that you are furious with someone or something. For example, you might be big mad at your sister after she ruins your favorite shirt, or you might be big mad that you didn't get a promotion at work.

Big mad arose in popularity in 2017 along with "big yikes," which is an exaggeration of "yikes." Most people use it on social media when posting about their frustration, while some may also say it aloud in person when ranting.

If you encounter someone who is big mad, you should probably give them space to chill. Or, if they are looking to vent, you can listen and empathize with their plight.


I'm big mad. I can't believe she said that about my bf after she just met him
Watch out, that's a big mad face
Watch out, that's a big mad face

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Updated October 26, 2021

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