Big Small

What does big small mean?

A body shape with a big belly and skinny legs

Big small is a body type often used for describing females with a large belly and small or skinny legs. It is one of many slang terms for describing body shapes, including slim thick, thicc, and thigh gap.

While some people may use big small to simply describe the shape of a person's body, some people use it in a mean-spirited way. Therefore, you should be careful when you use it because others may take offense to it.

Different reasons for big small body type

There are various reasons why people develop the big small body type. For some, it is their natural shape, but others may be pregnant or overweight (where the weight primarily goes to their midsection).


Did you see that big small woman drop her sandwich on the ground and then eat it?
No, ewww!

You might describe Patrick as big small

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Updated January 9, 2023

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