What does seltering mean?

Sticking out your rear in a fitness pose

Seltering is a fitness pose where you stick out your rear that occasionally includes getting in a position where your hands and feet hold up your body weight. The pose originates from Jennifer Selter, a female who became famous by posting photos of herself posing in yoga pants on social sites like Instagram and Facebook.

The seltering term is typically only seen on social sites preceded with a hashtag (#) and accompanying a picture of someone seltering. Also, seltering is primarily done by women as they tend to post pictures of themselves exercising on social media.


Walked in the room and caught Jeff seltering during his workout. I need to burn that memory from my brain!
Jennifer Selter posing in a hallway
Jennifer Selter posing in a hallway
Jennifer Selter posing over a subway entrance
Jennifer Selter posing over a subway entrance

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Updated October 14, 2020

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