Blow Up

What does it mean to blow up?

To become successful

When you become successful quickly, you "blow up." The term comes from how quickly something can actually explode, like a home gas leak or a battery in a fire, but is typically used in a positive sense.

When do I use "blow up"?

Many things can figuratively blow up. Your phone may blow up with messages when you're in high demand, a video may blow up online when going viral, or a musician may blow up when their single is featured on the radio or a popular playlist.

When something figuratively blows up, it is usually a positive development. However, it can be negative when you become high in demand when something goes wrong and you are the person responsible or the only one that can fix it.


Joe's mentions will blow up once he sends out that tweet

When your social channels blow up

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Updated June 25, 2021

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