What does BOGSAT mean at work?

Bunch of guys sitting around talking

BOGSAT is an acronym that stands for "Bunch of guys sitting around talking," or "Bunch of gals sitting around talking." It is typically used in a work environment to refer to when employees are being unproductive.

The acronym was coined in the mid-1990s and became popular in various workplace environments, such as Lockheed Martin. The acronym is still used today, often to complain about co-workers in text messages or online that are not being productive.

The guys or gals may be sitting around and not talking about work-related items or they may be talking about work stuff but not actually doing anything productive. This often happens after work parties, on Friday afternoons, and on Black Friday.


We didn't get much done today. It was mostly a BOGSAT Friday

When you have a BOGSAT at work

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Updated March 25, 2020

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