What does boi mean?


Boi is a slang version of "boy" that may be used in a condescending way to make fun of someone or in the LGBTQ community to refer to a person's gender identity. It may be seen in a variety of contexts but is most often seen with the "boi" spelling online.

If the term is used as an insult it is meant to make fun of somebody for doing something stupid or looking stupid. You may see this online or said by rappers to roast somebody.

If the term is used in the LGBTQ context, it may be used to refer to a submissive or younger butch among lesbians, typically as a term of endearment. It may also be used for a young trans man just starting to transition or for younger gay or bisexual males that display traits more often associated with females.


You want a piece of this?
Boi, I don't want a piece, I want the whole thing!
Boi means
Boi means Boy

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Updated April 5, 2019

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