BOL has 2 meanings
1. What does BOL stand for?

Best of luck

A term used to wish a person not only good luck, but the best of luck; often utilized to say goodbye to a person you really enjoy; similar to GL and AMBW.


Alright I'm gonna go tell my parents.
Good choice, BOL!

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Updated June 4, 2014
2. What does BOL stand for?

Be on later

BOL means "be on later." If someone tells you they'll BOL, it means they'll be online again later (likely after eating some food, performing a chore, or enjoying some time outside).

Chatters and gamers use BOL to let each other know that, while they have to step away from their computer for now, they're interested in chatting or playing games together later in the day. If someone tells you they'll BOL, and you know you'll also be online later, you can respond with cul8r, cyal8r, or SYL.


I have to get to my night class right now, but I'll BOL 2nite.
Cool, I'll b here. cul8r.

Sometimes, it's okay to close your computer and BOL

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Updated October 15, 2020

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