Boomer Remover

What does boomer remover mean?


Because the COVID-19 coronavirus proves more deadly for people over 60, crass millennials and Gen Zers may refer to the virus as the "boomer remover."

As you likely already know, boomers (short for "baby boomers") are the generation of people born between 1946 and 1964, in the aftermath of World War II. Some millennials and Gen Zers blame many of the world's current problems on boomers' carelessness and excess, and those who are particularly angry and ill-mannered may use the term "boomer remover" in reference to COVID-19. (If you are a millennial or Gen Zer - don't do this. It is extremely mean and shortsighted.)

Others, including boomers themselves, may use the term "boomer remover" to shock boomers into taking COVID-19 seriously. If a boomer is about to ignore the guidelines, advice, and restrictions put in place to prevent the coronavirus's spread, someone close to them may refer to COVID-19 as the "boomer remover" to remind the boomer they are especially susceptible to the virus's effects.


Anyone calling COVID-19 the Boomer Remover doesn't have parents or grandparents, I guess?
An example of the term boomer remover being used to shock a boomer
An example of the term boomer remover being used to shock a boomer

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Updated December 24, 2020

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