What kind of person is a covidiot?

A person who downplays the dangers of COVID-19

A Covidiot is a person who dismisses the dangers of COVID-19 and safety guidelines provided by health officials. The term combines "COVID-19" and "Idiot."

"Covidiot" became a common reference to people who opposed health restrictions during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. Some examples of idiotic behavior include protesting stores' mask requirements by claiming that they "live in a free country," poking holes in masks because it's easier to breathe, or flying to Florida to partake in Spring Break festivities.

The term is most often seen on social media, like Twitter and Facebook. People using the term commonly utilize it when reacting to videos or photos of people protesting restrictions by health officials or just being oblivious to the dangers of the coronavirus.

Alternative meaning

Skeptics of the pandemic, or "scamdemic" as they call it, use covidiot to refer to people who follow covid protocols like sheep. They think that there should be more pushback against lockdowns and mask mandates, and if you don't resist, you are a covidiot.


Did you see the covidiot at Costco?
You gotta love 'merica!

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Updated November 4, 2021

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