What does booze mean?


Booze is a term synonymous with alcohol, typically in a playful way. For example, your buddy may ask you to pick up some booze for the Super Bowl party.

Origin of booze

There are several claims to the origins of booze. One belief is that it comes from a well-known distiller from the 19th century named E. C. Booz. However, some linguists claim it goes back further than that, to around the 13th century, and comes from the word "bouse."

What qualifies as booze?

Pretty much any alcohol qualifies as booze, including wine or hard alcohol. However, people typically think of beer when they hear the term.


Party at Nick's house!
Who's bringing the booze?
Celebratory booze-free tweet
Celebratory booze-free tweet

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Updated December 28, 2022

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